I was asked to select a coffee house and redesign its website and create a companion app. the project demonstrates cohesion within systems and across platforms and applications. 

What I Did

I began by researching the existing products and services of the coffee shop to understand their target audience and business objectives. I then created mood boards where I gathered inspiration for the visual system that included color, texture, type, and imagery. This information was used to create rough sketches, wire frames, and mock ups of the models resulting in the creation of a cohesive system.

Design Choices

I chose a color scheme associated with coffee houses and coffee drinks; deep browns, mottled creams, and chalkboard textures. I used photography along with hand drawn illustrations to create a coffee house atmosphere within the design. I used Baskerville for the logo, a proprietary chalkboard typeface, and Courier for the coffee names; Helvetica Neue for the body copy.