I was asked to experiment with type form to find new and interesting ways to express ideas and concepts. 

What I Did

I began by experimenting with a variety of words, sketches, ideas, and materials expressing through type experimentation myriad ways to communicate the concept of a chosen word.
I used soap, cherry juice, sand, snow, watercolors, paper curls, fire, tin foil, copic pens, hot dogs, mustard, relish, sticks, anchovies, garlic, scallions, toothe- paste, apple peels, and chocolate syrup to name a few items. 

Design Choices

After many explorations I advanced selected phrases developing concepts and chosen media, resulting a unified poster set rendered in black and white. I selected a brushed stainless steel portfolio box to house the poster to further unify the monochromatic theme. I chose the title to tie in with the theme of the black and white posters.